Experience Transformation

Embark on a profound journey of healing and spiritual growth at Selva Madre Healing Center

About Us

Selva Madre is a family-run Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center. We offer traditional Amazonian medicine and Ayahuasca healing ceremonies to heal body, soul, and spirit. Our retreats last 7 days with up to 4 sessions of Ayahuasca.

Expert Amazonian Healers

Receive guidance and support from our experienced Amazonian healers with ancient shamanic wisdom

Intimate Retreat Setting

Enjoy personalized attention in our small group retreats limited to only 8 participants

Our Vision

To inspire a global awakening through the ancient wisdom of Ayahuasca, leading to profound healing and transformation

Our Mission

To provide a safe and sacred space for individuals to experience the profound healing power of Ayahuasca and reconnect with their true selves

Embark on a Healing Journey

Join us in the lush Amazon rainforest of Peru for an authentic shamanic Ayahuasca retreat focused on healing, personal transformation and experiencing higher states of consciousness.

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